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Features at a Glance

Lumex Technologies

LED has brought vast improvements in lighting efficiencies. However, traditional dimmers didn’t always work well with LED lights. To overcome these challenges, Lumex created the LoadSmart digital dimmer to provide sophisticated dimming control of LED lights. Now, the improved LoadSmart Generation2 offers state-of-the-art dimming control.

Smaller Even with a host of extra features, new technology has allowed LoadSmart to be smaller. This ensures easy multi-ganging in any application.
Smarter The new LoadSmart design builds in greater flexibility to not only work perfectly with Lumex LED lights but to provide excellent results with an even broader range of other driver designs.
Selectable LoadSmart Gen2 is the first modular dimmer to provide a complete range of installer selectable options to fine tune the dimmer’s performance to a particular customer’s preferences.

LoadSmart Generation 2

Gen2 – Smaller, Smarter and Selectable

LoadSmart Gen2 is an innovative design from Lumex. Not only is it smaller for easy multi-ganging, it is packed with a range of features never before offered in a dimmer. It now has four selectable settings to fine-tune its characteristics to individual
customer requirements.

Selectable Dimming Mode – Auto Select or Trailing Edge

LoadSmart is the only dimmer offering auto-select control mode. LoadSmart’s electronics automatically senses the type of load (inductive or resistive) and adjusts its control mechanism accordingly. For some very unusual loads, such as a fan connected into the lighting circuit, this can cause inconsistencies with the dimming function as the load changes. For these rare cases, LoadSmart Gen2 can be manually set to trailing edge phase dimming mode.

Selectable Restrike On/Off

Many LED lights will not restart from a low dimmer setting. As a dimmer designed for LED lights, a Restrike function is included. When turned on, the Restrike function momentarily takes the initial power to around 70% before returning to the previously set dimming level.

However, in some situations this not desired: such as in children’s bedrooms when you are trying to get the kids to sleep. In that situation, when you turn on the light/s to check on the kids, the last thing you want is for the lights to turn on brightly, before dimming
back down again. For these situations, set Restrike to Off.

All Lumex phase dimmable LED lights (AR111, Classico, Hi-Light up to 22W, NovaLED, NovaLED Architectural, NovaLED Maxi up to 22W and Silica), do start from a low dimmer setting and can be used with the Restrike function set to Off.

LED Indicator On/Off

LoadSmart GEN2 has an LED indicator. It has two functions; to indicate that the dimmer is working and the lights are on, and to give active feedback on the status of the dimmer (i.e. start-up, overload or overheating shutdown). Not everyone prefers to see the LED indicator light so there is the choice of LED indicator On or LED indicator Off. Note: when the LED indicator is turn Off it will still light up for the purposes of active feedback, such as start-up, overload and overheating shutdown.

Minimum Dimming Setting

Classico products are immune to ripple frequency interference.

Unrivalled Efficiency

With traditional lamps, the factory set minimum was an easy compromise. With the broad range of LED designs and wattages, the variables are too broad to have one satisfactory setting. With LoadSmart Gen2 this minimum can be set at any point on the
dimming range.
Note: There may still be LED lights that do not dim successfully with LoadSmart. There is a wide range of LED products in the market with varying designs and degrees of technical sophistication. Lumex guarantees performance of LoadSmart with all Lumex LED products. However, Lumex cannot control the suitability of other manufacturer’s products regardless of their claims. Dimming difficulties with other manufacturer’s LED products should be taken up with the manufacturer of that particular LED product. Lumex will not accept any warranty claims in these cases where the dimmer proves to work correctly with Lumex products.


  • Power requirements: 220-270V – 50Hz, 450W
  • Minimum load: 1W
  • Dimming operation: Auto select load suitability or manual trailing edge
  • Environmental: 0-45°C, 95% humidity
  • Derating: Two dimmers housed in one switch plate, 300W each
  • Over-temperature protection: Manual reset
  • Network compatibility: Immune to ripple frequency interference
  • Compatible loads: Phase dimmable LED, Incandescent, Dimmable electronic transformer, Iron core transformers
  • Non-compatible loads: Non-dimmable LED, Small motor loads
  • Fully recyclable
  • Fully Australian Approved
  • Seven Year Warranty


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